Event Merchandise to Boost Your Brand

Corporate event season is in full swing; exhibition halls filled with high-end businesses just like yours, eager to meet potential new clients and ignite new business relationships.

How are you going to stand out from the crowd? What will entice people away from competitor stands to yours, and make sure that when they go home again, it is YOU they remember, and YOU they contact?

With well-considered, premium branded promotional merchandise, that’s how!

Don’t take our word for it; this is a strategy backed up by research which suggests that 75% of recipients of promotional merchandise would consider giving future business to the brand they received it from. (BPMA, Merchandise Matters, 2021)

Current Trends in Corporate Branded Merchandise

From the moment a potential customer or client steps foot on your stand, they will begin making assumptions and drawing conclusions about your brand. The promotional products they take away from their meeting with you need to reflect everything you stand for and serve as a reminder of why you are the right fit for them.

Forget your cheap plastic pens and stress toys. These once standard event items have long had their day – uninspired and clogging up landfill. The merchandise making the biggest statement and promoting the most positive feelings is high quality, stylish and of course, sustainable!



Beautiful, colourful notebooks. UK made, FSC certified, and fully recycled options make these a planet-friendly, event staple. And with debossed, printed, or foil blocked branding choices, your logo is sure to stand out.


Your visitors will be grateful for something in which to carry the handfuls of promotional literature they have collected, and you will achieve great exposure for your brand. Firefly offers recycled cotton/polyester or organic cotton bags, ensuring this is both a highly useful and eco-friendly product.


Techy merchandise always goes down well thanks to its high perceived value and desirability. It is no secret that Mr Bio is one of our favourite tech items at Firefly. A high-performance product with excellent branding potential, this makes for a very popular corporate event item. Manufactured using bio-degradable materials and all wrapped up in an eco-paper packaging pouch – what isn’t to love?

Water bottles

Water bottles are one of the most popular promotional products today, for good reason. Fully customisable (you can match these to your exact corporate colours for the right quantity), with ample branding space, and fulfilling a need for almost anyone, you cannot go wrong when including them in your event merchandise collection. For maximum sustainability points, opt for stainless steel bottles, which can be either engraved or printed with your logo.


Because everyone appreciates an edible gift, right? Your feet are aching, your energy is low, and then you spot a stand handing out sweets or popcorn. YOU. ARE. THERE. Now that you have drawn them to your stand get the chat going and build that rapport.


Clothing is a promotional product that deserves a blog post of its own (watch this space), but you cannot talk about corporate event merchandise and not at least give it a mention. You have an attractive stand, you have irresistible merchandise, and you have the best team promoting your business, dressed in your corporate colours, displaying your logo. Your business now stands the best chance of remaining in the forefront of your potential customers’ minds for some time to come.

Each item above will no doubt create an impact. Our Phyllis Court Club and Alumasc Roofing case studies, however, are great examples of coordinating multiple branded products to really maximise impact!

Event Merchandise Considerations

How Firefly can help you with your event merchandise

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