Sustainable Merchandise – Two of Our Favourite Words!

A brief wander around our website will hopefully leave you in no doubt that…

What is Promotional Merchandise?

Any item given out by an organisation to raise awareness of their brand or marketing campaign is promotional merchandise. These items are typically branded with the organisation’s logo or strapline. 

Glance around you now, and you’ll likely spot a few examples – a sports bottle, notebook, maybe a branded mug on your desk. 

So, you know what it is, but is it worth spending your hard-earned money on? When every penny of your budget needs to be working hard for your organisation, you want to feel confident that you will see a return on your investment. Leading us to ask…

Is Promotional Merchandise Worth Your Investment?

Of course, given what we do here at Firefly Merchandise, we’re going to say it is, aren’t we? But with increased brand recognition and customer loyalty just two of the benefits generated by this relatively low-cost form of advertising, we genuinely believe it is!

A considered approach, however, will help you to ensure the most bang for your buck. 

So before jumping in, here are a few considerations for you to ponder:

Is it useful?

Whether enticing new customers, rewarding existing ones for their loyalty, or thanking your hard-working employees, give them something they’ll use! 

The more your product is used, the more frequently your logo will be flashed in front of their eyes and the eyes of those around them. Think thermos coffee mug used daily on the morning commute or organic cotton shopper bag – bonus points for the vast branding potential on this one!

Get it seen!

Maximise the impact of your branded products by considering where they will be used and seen. We love Mr Bio here at Firefly. A multi-adapter charging cable, he’s fun, brandable, functional AND eco-friendly – plus he’s made from recycled wheat plastic! Products like this get used in homes and offices, taken abroad, and passed around for others to use – the potential for your brand to be seen is enormous, but the cost is not!

Does this product align with my corporate values?

As you explore various promotional merchandise options, consider whether they promote or, at the very least, reflect the values of your business. 

Check out our Phyllis Court Club case study for a perfect example. A prestigious private members club in Henley on Thames, Phyllis Court, asked us to work with them to develop a selection of branded products that would appeal to their club members whilst maintaining the luxury and style associated with the club. We achieved this for Phyllis Court and would love to help you with your requirements too.

At Firefly, our ethos centres around quality, ethically made and reduced-impact merchandise. As such, items that are organic or made from recycled materials would be a perfect fit for us.

How Can Firefly Merchandise Help You?

Whilst we think it’s great fun deciding on the perfect products for your brand, if it feels a little overwhelming or time-consuming to you, let us help – it’s what we know and love, after all! 

Just give us the basics:

Then let us do our thing… We’ll provide you with product suggestions, quotations, and visual mock-ups so that you can see your logo on that golf ball or notebook before committing. And if you’d like a little peek at some of the products we may suggest for you, or you want some inspiration yourself, head over to our gallery for a browse!

Promotional Merchandise That Won’t Cost the Earth

Have we mentioned how important sustainable, eco-friendly, recycled promotional merchandise is to us? We shout about it a lot because it matters. It matters to us, and it hopefully matters to you too. But why?

We are all aware of the effect climate change is having on our planet – floods, more frequent heatwaves, wildfires – sadly, the list goes on. This will only worsen unless we start making significant changes to our behaviour. 

We all have a personal responsibility to limit our environmental impact, but as businesses, we need to be even more accountable.

With a CSR Accreditation to our name and an International CSR Excellence Award under our belts, Firefly likes to think that our actions speak louder than words when it comes to being socially responsible.

We actively encourage our customers to choose quality and sustainability over cheap and disposable. The extensive range of fun and exciting products that fall into this category makes it an easy choice. Branded drinks bottles made from sugarcane and cork, thermos cups produced from recycled plastic cups and made on our own shores in Cornwall or how about a blue tooth speaker made from recycled wheat plastic – the possibilities are vast, and the potential to impress your customers and employees with your generosity and forward-thinking planet-friendly gifts is limitless!

Excited to see how branded merchandise can help you to promote your business? Drop us an email and get the process started. We love a chat and cannot wait to see how we can help you!