So you know what promotional merchandise is and are in no doubt that it should be both high quality and sustainable (if this leaves you scratching your head, our post on Sustainable Merchandise should see you right).

But what merchandise? Which products should you choose to promote your brand and leave a lasting impression on your customers? It needs to be useful; it must be eco-friendly! You want to be ‘on-trend’ but not look like you’re trying too hard…

Ok, take a deep breath and remember this is your chance to have fun. Showcase your branding and promote your message while giving your clients a glimpse into your brand’s personality and values.

To help get you started, we have compiled our TOP 10 SUSTAINABLE MERCHANDISE ITEMS FOR 2023. No need to thank us! Nothing gives us more pleasure than tooting the horn for sustainable merch. And so, without further ado, in at number 10…


Jelly beans, popcorn, chocolate – the world is your oyster, err, pick ‘n’ mix! You’d be hard pushed to find anyone not grateful for a little hit of promotional sugar. And should their eyes fall on YOUR logo whilst riding that sugar high, that is going to leave one positive impression of your brand.

These little promo gems make for a great budget-friendly merchandise option and, produced in the UK, with recycled packaging options, are a sustainable choice too!


Soothing your soul and providing those chilled-out vibes is your number 9 – the wellness gift pack.

Suited to any recipient and appropriate for many an event or giveaway, the wellness gift pack can comprise as many or as few products as you wish. Soaps, bath bombs, lip balms, candles – all UK-made and brandable with a label printed with your logo. A thoughtful addition to any merchandise kit.


Brandability ft sustainability – the collab of dreams enters the charts at number 8.

Ensure that you choose a model manufactured from recycled fabrics and assembled and dyed right here in the UK (we can help you with that!), and the umbrella will provide a sustainable promotional option with a low carbon footprint and a substantial branding opportunity.

Living in this glorious country of ours, you don’t need telling about the importance of carrying a brolly at all times. This is one product your customers will whip out and use time and time again!


Mr Who?? New in at number 7, let us introduce you to a little chap going down a storm in the promo charts.

Making the most fantastic eco giveaway, Mr Bio is made from wheat plastic and comes packaged in a kraft paper sleeve. He is the holy trinity of sustainable merchandise, functional, sustainable, and brandable. Mr Bio cuts a dashing figure at any event and makes a stylish addition to any gift bag.


Quite probably THE biggest seller of all time. The pen can still be found riding high in the promotional merchandise charts and shows no signs of falling out of the Top 10 any time soon!

This little promo powerhouse comes in sustainable options such as recycled plastic, wheat plastic, wood and stainless steel. And, with pens to suit any budget, you can rest assured that getting your brand out there needn’t cost the Earth –literally OR figuratively.


It’ll come as no surprise to find the sports bottle making the list.

These are available in a multitude of styles, shapes and sizes, and many sustainable material options, including recycled plastic, stainless steel, and even sugar cane! And, as with many of the items on our list, there is no need to look outside of the UK for these. For example, our friends at Circular & Co are based in Cornwall and have an extensive range of recycled bottles and thermos cups. We LOVE their range of bottles AND their ethos and are very proud distributors of their beautiful products.


Moving through the charts to number 4, an entry loved by all – and with good reason!

With a wonderful range of organic, sustainable, and recycled choices, there is something to suit every taste. Practical, fun, and with an extensive print area on both the front and the back, the potential to engage with your customer is vast.

A big Firefly favourite is the Stanley/Stella woven shopping bag. High quality and stylish – your customers will find far more uses for it than just shopping.


This classic continues to dominate the charts.

You can’t tell me you don’t LOVE a new clean notebook. If you are anything like me, any new event or upcoming trip is just the best excuse to start a brand-spanking new notepad. Nothing beats that first mark made on that crisp, clean page.

Firefly is a big fan of The Rampton. Not only are these made from recycled paper (of course!), but they are also made in the UK. Choosing The Rampton notebook as part of your promotional merchandise suite supports UK business and results in a carbon impact far lower than items that require shipping. With a relatively quick turnaround time and various branding options, it is no surprise to find this item consistently making the top 10!


A fan favourite since their first release, these reusable cups are a real game changer!

If there’s one thing most of us need to get going in the morning, it’s a lovely hot tea or coffee. With a thermos mug, you can get that shot of caffeine whilst walking the dog, on the school run or during your early morning commute. But, more importantly, your customer can, and they’ll be taking your logo with them. Available in materials such as stainless steel or recycled plastic, these can be used repeatedly. So, opt for these and help rid us of our disposable culture.

Right pop pickers, are you ready for your number 1? Then, let us present to you…


With a fanbase to rival Taylor Swift, we present you with The Hoodie!

With an almost endless list of colours and styles available, as well as recycled polyester, recycled cotton and organic cotton options, there is something to every demographic. And what better way to get your brand message out there than on a cosy hoodie?

Stella/Stanley hit the mark once again with their superb offerings, as does the Anthem range – fantastic quality garments.

With their usefulness, versatility, popularity and branding potential, hoodies are a much-loved promotional merchandise option, whether you are the one doing the giving or the lucky recipient!

So there you have it, our roundup of this year’s top 10 sustainable merchandise items. Firefly focuses on quality and sustainability always, and each of these items has these attributes, as well as providing a fun and memorable way for your brand to raise awareness and make a lasting impression.

Contact us now, and we can help you to promote your brand to your customers.